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“The Airline Industry is extremely competitive and challenging and Aer Lingus have partnered with cut-e to objectively recruit the right pilots and cabin crew, those who can drive our business forward. Video Interviews allow us to shortlist the candidates with the desired determination and motivation and progress them to the next stage of the recruitment process. Another key benefit is that through this fun and innovative experience, we are able to assess a wider pool of candidates than in a traditional face to face approach.”

Linda Byrne, Recruitment Specialist at Aer Lingus

  • Effektivt urval & screening
  • Traineer och praktikanter urval

Aer Lingus sought to future proof its staffing level of pilots and engineers. With strong competition for these posts, identifying talent and predicting those likely to succeed early in the selection process was vital. From initial deployment, analysis and tweaking the process, Aer Lingus is now able to accurately predict those who will be successful cadets and engineers with some help from cut-e’s online assessments.

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